Here is a sample of some of  the email we have received from happy camping Kitchen Box owners.

"We have nothing but 5 out of 5 stars for our box! The box is sturdy and light enough that even with our gear in the box, I can still move it on my own. Many of the traditional wood boxes are so heavy, even moving them empty takes a bit of effort. Our box had its first adventure with us over 2000 miles to Wyoming and back - weathered a storm that kicked up without warning, kept the contents safe and dry. We could not be more pleased. I will be sharing your site with my Scout Troop and Crew and all of my Scouting friends. This is a great option to the traditional box for so many reasons. The customer service that I received was 5 stars as well, above and beyond any expectation. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!"
 - Sabrina E.
   Scout mom and avid camper

"I bought your box in September, 2019, but owing to the pandemic did not get out camping until this past week. In use, I absolutely loved it. I was able to find most things in it easily instead of scrounging around, and my fellow campers were able to use my kitchen stuff when needed for all of us without my needing to dig it out for them"
 - Lynne S.

"We receive this back in May and used it all summer and LOVE IT!!!
Thank you!!"
 - Nancy T.

"We just got back from a 10 day, 2,000 mile trip and used this chuckbox multiple times everyday out of the back of our van.  I even keep an Instant Pot in it.  It's perfect."
 - Ken G.
This is just a sample, but if you need a second opinion, check out the reviews from our Etsy Store