The Camping Kitchen Box is the best chuck box .

✓ Everything is organized and easy to get to with useful shelves and drawers.

Lightweight (10 pounds) and easy to carry unlike other heavy chuck boxes which can weigh 25 or 30 pounds (or even more)

✓ All your cooking gear in one place, ready to go.

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How Tough is the Camping Kitchen Box?

What Can the Camping Kitchen Box Hold ?

The Camping kitchen Box can hold a LOT. Pictured in this video is a  Coleman 413 stove,  a Griddle, an 8" fry pan, a 10" fry pan, a 2 qt pot, a 4 qt pot , a 10 qt pot, plates,  bowls , coffee cups, cutting sheets, a roll of paper towels, a spatulas, tongs, some large spoons, and kitchen knives, eating utensils, a 5 cup coffee percolator, a dish pan, colander and more.