Updated, New and improved Products. Now more Camp Goodness!

In the winter darkness of the past couple months I have upgraded, enhanced or created a new variety for 3 of the Camping Kitchen Box products. And now that it is almost spring I have gotten around to blogging about them...

Upgraded Headlamp Strap

The materials of the replacement headlamp strap had been almost 100% upgraded. The elastic webbing has been changed to one that feels silky smooth. The hardware is being replaced with something that is sized more appropriately with a sleeker design. It is kind of hard to tell difference in the pictures but, when you touch it, it just feels better. Check it out here

Toilet Paper Dispenser

The Toilet Paper Holder started life out as the  "Sample Chuck Box". I have come to the realization that people are ordering it as a TP holder and not as a sample, so I have eliminated some of the clunky aspects which made for a good sample, but not for the best toilet paper holder. The changes include replacing the unnecessarily thick 6mm top with 4mm, getting rid of the hook and loop that use to hold the top down and replacing it with elastic webbing and adding a little handle to grab or hang the holder from.  You can check it out here.  

The Improved Toilet Paper Holder

New Headlamp Hanger

Finally I have created yet another design for the headlamp hanger. The pictures below tell the story and , this link is where you can get them/ 

Foot Shaped headlamp Hangers

Foot shaped headlamp hangers glowing in the dark

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