Little Things for Little Products

Some little product improvements have happened recently, and though small, I did not want to lose sight of them. 

First is for the headlamp shade... a new smaller cord lock. The picture below compares the new cord lock (on the left) to the old one (on the right) and a a triple AAA battery for scale, The smaller cord lock also allows the use of thinner cord, making the whole arrangement  even lighter and more compact

The pictures below show the old and new cord locks on the shade. 


The other small thing are also related to your headlamp.. the headlamp hanger, or now hangers. For those those who do not like snakes , but want a headlamp hanger, I now have a design that is called "Standard", since a generic design calls for a generic name. Both design are now available in black as well as red. If that is not enough choices for you, tell me what color you want. 

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