A Snake Shaped Headlamp Hanger

I recently bought a new toy for the workshop, a 3d printer.  First, as required, I printed the sample cute animal statute, which the wife immediately confiscated.  

Sample Cute Dog
Since I am not one to just print  other people's designs, the next thing I  did was design a headlamp hanger and printed it. 
1st hanger Fresh off the Printer 1st  Hanger hanging

It worked well , but it lacked pizzazz, so after futzing and noodling and fiddling around with it some, and then a bit more futzing , I settle on this. 

The Snake Shaped Headlamp Hanger

It is suppose to be a Rattlesnake.. I hope you can see it. Here it is being useful as a headlamp hanger, which is sort of the point. Snake Hanging

I have deemed it good enough to sell, so check it out Here. I have matched is up with the Headlamp Lampshade to make a very useful camping accessory .

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