Sample Camping Kitchen Box
Sample Camping Kitchen Box

Sample Camping Kitchen Box

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The Sample Chuck box is now the "Camping Toilet Paper Holder"

 If you are unfamiliar with corrugate plastic, or are wondering about the construction techniques or the sturdiness of the Camping Kitchen Box, then this if for you. This sample has the essential elements of the CKB for you to inspect and, if you wish, test.

The lower part of the sample box is just a very short version of the standard drawer, which is made from 4mm corrugated plastic. The lid is made with 6mm (¼ inch) corrugated plastic , which is what the full size Camping Kitchen Box (except for the drawers) are made of. The lid features the embossed “living hinges” that are a distinct part of the design.


The Sample Camping Kitchen Box was not created to be a practical piece of camping equipment, but if you think that it just might suit some need of yours, and need to know the vital statistics, here they are.

Weight: 6½ oz

Outside Dimensions: 5½ ” X 5½ ” X 5½”

Inside Dimensions: 4¾” X 4¾” x 5”

Material: 4mm and 6mm corrugated polypropylene plastic


The Sample Camping Kitchen Box was designed to allow you to check out the materials and construction of the full size chuck box with little risk.  But if you think that 10 bucks is still a little steep,