Workshop Special - Prototype Extra Wide CKB
Standard CKB 1000 on top, the extra wide Prototype on the bottom.

Workshop Special - Prototype Extra Wide CKB

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This box was built as a prototype to look at the viability of creating a box for the Coleman 426 3 burner stove. I needed to see if I could make the box wider It turns out I can. I took the usual box and made it five inches wider. Unfortunately  I should have made the box 6 inches wider to fit the 426 stove.  I don't own a 426, but the width I found on the internet said 28 3/8 inches  wide, and the space between the ends of the rivets in the stove compartment is 28 3/8 inches, so there is not enough room for the stove to slip in without getting scratched. 

So if you want a larger then usual camping kitchen box (that probably does not fit a Coleman 426 stove), do we have a deal for you. This one (and only this one off prototype) is going out the door cheap.  So cheap that I will not be accepting a return on it. 

The second picture show the usual Camping Kitchen Box (Top) compared to this box (Bottom) 



DescriptionW X H X D
Overall Outside 30" X 22½" X 17"
Top Compartment 28¼" X 6"+ X 16½"
Bottom Left Compartment 13" X 8½" X 16½"
Bottom Right Compartment 15½" X 14" X 16½"
Inside of Drawers 6" X 4½" X 14½"

Weight: ~12 pounds

Plastic Color : Black

Webbing Color: Black



The Camping Kitchen Box body is made of corrugated polypropylene plastic which is held together with pop rivets. The webbing is also polypropylene. 

The Camping Kitchen Box is handmade. Each plastic panel is measured and cut by hand, and each hole is positioned and marked by hand before being drilled. This means that each one is just a little different from the one made before it and each one has minor imperfections that probably would not be there if made by a machine. None of these imperfections affect the performance of the box.



The price on this one off box barely covers shipping and handling, so I cannot accept returns for it, but if you are looking for a large box, I think you will be pleased.