Advantages of a Corrugated Plastic Chuck Box

The Camping Kitchen Box is a unique product as it is the only chuck box that is made of corrugated plastic. Corrugated plastic offers three advantages over traditional plywood chuck box construction. These advantages are light weight, noise reduction and durability.

Light Weight

Advantage number one is weight. A wood chuck box made of 1/2 inch plywood that is a similar size to our chuck box would weigh 35 pounds empty, by comparison, the Camping Kitchen Box is svelte at 12 pounds. Sure 35 pounds sounds manageable, but as you start adding gear that is when you will notice the extra 20 plus pounds. A typical camp stove can weigh from 10 to 15 pounds and a complement of pots, utensils and dinnerware can quickly add up to another 15 pounds. So assuming 30 pounds of gear, which would you rather carry, a 42 pound box or a 65 pound one?

Noise Reduction

Another area where corrugated plastic really shines compared to wood for chuck box construction is noise reduction. The nature of corrugated plastic, with two layers of plastic separated by cells of air, acts to deaden the noise of your stove, pots and pans and metal utensils rattling around on the inside of the chuck box. This is  the opposite of a wooden box, which being denser, transmits sound much better. You will really appreciate the quietness when long car ride down a bumpy road that would create a camp kitchen gear cacophony in a wood chuck box is kept under control by the camping kitchen box.


Both our chuck box or a wooden chuck box should last a long time if treated with the proper respect that you would treat any piece of camping equipment. Both have their pros and cons. For example, if not properly finished, a wooden chuck box will not hold up long when exposed to water. The Camping Kitchen Box, being made of plastic is impervious to water damage.
Right now we don't have a video of the camping kitchen box being thrown off the roof of a building, or being hit with a hammer, but when we do it will look sort of like this which is a video of the oru kayak (also built from corrugated plastic)  being hit with a hammer and being tossed off a roof. Enjoy!.

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