Camping Kitchen Box vs Cabela's Deluxe Camper's Kitchen

I just had someone email me and ask me how the Camping Kitchen Box stacks up against the  Cabela's Deluxe Camper's Kitchen. I guess I should mention that I have never actually seen this particular item in real life, so my opinions are based on what facts I can get from the web site and experience with similar products. I am sure that the Cabela's kitchen is a fine product, I am just making a comparison of functionality and features. My response follows:

I don't know all the reasons folks purchase one or the other, but when comparing the Camping Kitchen Box to the Cabela's camp kitchen  (or similar) , ease and speed of use, as well as the light weight are what I think of as the main advantages. 

With the Cabela's camp kitchen  (or similar) there is a lot of setup involved. When you arrive at the campsite and first you have to unpack and set up the camp kitchen (5 Minutes with practice?) . After it is setup you then take your camping cooking gear out of whatever it is packed in then put it into its place in the Camp Kitchen (5 Minutes? 10 Minutes?)  You are now ready to start cooking.  At the end of the trip you have to unpack all your equipment from the kitchen and put it back in the containers you bought it in (5 -10 Minutes) and then take down and pack the kitchen itself (Longer then the  5 minutes setup time because you have to stick everything back in its travel case.)

With the Camping Kitchen Box you arrive at the campsite and put it on the picnic table and open it up and secure the doors  and all your cooking gear is right at hand in 30 seconds.  If you are camping at a site that does not have a table, this typical folding table  (which has about the same work surface as the camp kitchen) sets up in less then a minute and comes down as quickly.  All you have to do with the Camping Kitchen Box is close it back up and it is ready to go.

Weight is certainly advantage of the Camping Kitchen Box.  The Cabala's kitchen is  57 lbs according to the web site.  The CKB weighs around 10 pounds if you add in the weight of the table I linked to(25 pounds) the total is 35 pounds.

The Cabela's Kitchen does have a couple other features that are noteworthy. First would be the sink, but I replicate similar functionality with a  Plastic Dishpan,  The lantern hangers are a nice feature that the Camping Kitchen Box does not have, but  placing a lantern on top of the box sitting on top of a table does offer similar functionality. :) 

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