Camping Spice Rack from a Tackle Box

I am always  thinking about camping problems and potential solutions that I can make in the basement. These solutions have to be useful, and still unique (as in there is not already a thousand examples on Esty). One of the problems I have been noodling over is how to store and carry cooking spices in a convenient way. After much thought and experimentation  I have come up with... nothing. At least nothing I can make and sell.  But during this process I did notice something  that you might find useful.   Certain tackle boxes are the perfect size to hold standard spice jars.

Old Plano 3700 Holding Spices

Pictured above in a old Plano 3700 tackle box that perfectly holds a dozen typical Spice Jars. (actually  eleven regular spice jars and two half height ones ones). This particular example has been kicking about my house for a while.

The 3700 is sort of a standard size tackle box with typical dimensions of around 14" X 9" by 2" , with four long molding in dividers that can be sub dived with little plastic walls. Searching the internet will bring up many examples.  Of course Walmart carries an Ozark Trail Example.

Ozark Trail 3700 "Utility Tray"

You will notice that the Ozark Trail version is "Improved" with better latches and built in handles, which is probably fine when dealing with  tackles but does cut into the row by these latches a little bit, making the compartments smaller. Below I managed to squeeze in the salt and pepper shaker, which are a little smaller then a typical spice jar, near the latches. The handle takes up a lot of space sort of ruing the compartment for a jar of any type, but I threw in some sugar packets to make myself feel better and prove the space was useful for something. 

Ozark trails 3700 Tackle tray filled with spices

The Plano example I have above does not seem to be available anymore, and they have similarly improved version with fancier latches, but it looks like they might have maintained the Inside dimensions and made the outside a little bigger, so it might be worth the eight dollar price of admission, verses the three and a half bucks for the Ozark Trials version. Either seems a good way to carry and organize full size spice jars if that is your goal, so don't be looking for a solution from me soon. 

3700 Tackle Box / Camping Spice Rack

Quick Update 9/30/23.. I noticed Harbor Freight Tools has a completely clear, non branded version, if that is what you want / need.




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