Constant Little Improvements

I am always striving to make improvements to the box… Each box I build is hopefully a little better than the one I made before. Sometimes it just comes out a little nicer because I have even more practice working with what is sometimes an unforgiving material. Other times I have an idea to do something differently  that make the box better.

In this second category my latest improvement is using pop rivets and washers to fasten the straps for the buckles to the box. Previously I have been using plastic rivets to attach these straps. The plastic rivets do a fantastic job of keeping the box together, but they were not always up to the lateral forces from the traps and buckles… After pondering the issue for a while and playing with several solutions, pop rivets, combined with some washers proved to be the answer I have been looking for. Below is a picture of the pop rivets in place on the side buckle. Hope you like the results!

Buckle attached by pop rivets

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