New Color for the Camping Kitchen Box

The Camping Kitchen Box is now being made in white...or is white the absence of color?  If you want to get really technical, it is not even white, it is "Opaque". Why the change? Well no one has ever said "Gee I really love that blue".. since it was time to order a new batch of plastic so I decided to mix it up. 

White Chuck Box

While I am showing off the new box I figured it would be a good time to take a look back at the previous versions of the box, which are pictured below.  The first version of the Camping Kitchen Box was made out of yellow (or maybe beige?) plastic. It was very innovative, but there is always room for improvement. The big changes between the yellow box and blue box pictured below were to the top and bottom which now feature one piece construction and and are essentially mounted upside down from their previous orientation. Both of these changes made the box more structurally sound.

During the time I was using blue plastic, the design has evolved some more. The big changes were using one piece of plastic to form the back sides and doors, and a new drawer design makes them more functional and  aesthetically pleasing. The current white box is being built the same as the last blue one made, but rest assured the improvements will continue.  

The beige Chuck Box

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