Patriotic Coleman Stove

A while ago the Mrs. bought me home a grungy, rusty Coleman Stove (a 413).  I thanked her and put it in a pile of things I might get to one day, but recently inspiration hit. After some elbow grease and a wire brush removed most of the rust and dirt, I busted out the masking tape and the spray paint. The result is what you see here.

 First I did the top, just trying to do I pretty accurate American flag...

On the rest of the case I just went a little more artsy,  but tried to keep with the theme...

OK I did not do the little stars on the flag with masking tape.. Found the almost appropriatly sized stars at the craft store and laid them out on the proper grid. ( )

And I made it so that it "flew" correctly when the stove is open.

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