Making a Cover for the Camping Kitchen Box

I have had multiple inquires about a cover for the Camping Kitchen Box. It has taken a while but I have final come up with something that meets at the intersection of inexpensive, useful and easy to make (to match my rudimentary sewing skills).  I am offering them for sale, but I wanted to put the direction out there for those of you who can sew.

First here is the finished cover:

The completed camping kitchen box cover

Besides being easy and inexpensive to make, this design also allows easy access to the handles, allowing you to carry the box without removing the cover


The cover is made from the good old reliable blue polyethylene tarp. I chose it because it was cheap, and it greatly simplifies things since hemming the edges is not required. I used "Extra Strong Upholstery Thread" which is made out of Nylon and plenty strong. I used a couple of pieces of stick on Velcro to hold the flaps over the handles down. 

Cut the Pieces

There are only three pieces, two sides, which when sewn together circle the whole box, and a top.  A 6' X 8' foot tarp actually has enough material for two covers if you cut carefully. I removed the factory hems and then cut out the pieces. 


Sew the top to the Sides

Note for the illustrations that follow, the blue side of the tarp is the "good" (eventually outside) of the cover, and the grey side is the "bad" or inside of the tarp.

Sew a long side of the top to a long side of one of the sides, overlapping the two by one inch and spacing the ends of top evenly from the ends of the side (Five inches each way) the Top should lay the top on of the side, so eventually when the cover is complete, water will run down the sides and not inside through the seam. Repeat this procedure, sewing the other side of the top to the top of the other side piece. when you are done it should match the illustrations below. 

The one inch overlay might be a bit excessive for good sewers, but it leaves plenty of room for beginning sewers.


Top Sewed to Side

You can use pins or basting tape to hold the seems together as you sew, but for the top I actually used cellophane (Scotch) tape to hold the pieces together until the sewing was complete. 


Sew Sides Together

Fold the cover in half across the long  axis of the top ,mating the two good (blue) side together so that the silver side is facing out. Sew both the short sides of the sides together. 


Good Sides of the sides facing each other, in preparation to be sewn

Sew Sides together along the left and right sides.

I used small binder clips to hold the sides together as I sewed them

Binder Clips holding sides together

Finishing it up

Flip the cover right side out, and the Finished cover should look like the photo below. Slip it over the top of your chuck box, and admire your handy work. 

 Once again I should mention, if you don't want to make one, you can buy one . If you do make one, send us a picture and show us what it looks like. 




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