A Stand for the Camping Kitchen Box Chuck Box

Some one wrote (messaged? that is what we do now right?) the other day and asked about a stand for the Camping Kitchen Box. We don't make one as we have not been able to come up with a better solution then what is already available.  What follows are some suggestions arranged them from lightest to heaviest, which also pretty much corresponds to "Might be a little wobbly" to  "Very Sturdy"

Coleman Stove Stand

The first solution is the  Coleman Stove Stand  It weighs less then 4 pounds and it will hold up the box no problem, but will probably have the most sway compared to other options. 

Camp Time Narrow Roll-a-Table

The Camp Time Narrow Roll-a-Table  is almost a perfect fit. The top is 32" X 22" inches and only weighs 8lbs. There is also a version available with adjustable legs. 

Camp Time Roll A Table

Walmart Folding Table

The Mainstays 40 Plastic Adjustable Height Fold-in-Half Folding Table from Walmart is a little bit heavier at 12 ½ pounds, but it is very sturdy.   The top is 40" X 20" which is large enough for the box with some work space left over. It also features adjustable legs giving you height options.


If you don't like Walmart, the Lifetime 4' Fold-In-Half Adjustable Table  is similar , with a little larger top (48" X 24") but also weighs more (around 20 lbs.) 


What about the table that I have featured all over the web site? Well that table is OK, but next time I buy something it will probably be one of the above options. It is light weight, and corresponding a little wobbly. I think I originally got mine at Target years ago when they sold more camping equipment, and it is no longer available,  but you can find similar items by googling


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