New from the Workshop.. a Flatware roll for the Camping Kitchen Box

The new Camping Kitchen Box Flatware Roll

Fresh from the workshop is the new Flatware Roll created for the Camping Kitchen Box. This is designed to hang from the back of the box in place of the paper towel holder.  When it is not hanging, you can roll it up and stash it neatly in one of the drawers of the Camping Kitchen Box, keeping your flatware organized and rattle free.  If you are interested in  purchasing one you can check out on the store here.

A freshly sew flatware roll

The cutlery roll is sewn by me on my mother's 1956 Singer, which had recently come into my possession. Sewing was not my mom’s passion, though she did sew some awesome curtains for me and my brothers’ boat themed bedroom. The machine sat for many years, but after some cleaning and oiling, it is running like.. well a sewing machine.  It doesn't do anything fancy (just straight stitches) but it is plenty strong and a pleasure to use. I’m looking forward to continuing to sharpen my sewing skills.

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